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Born at a young age. Broken and humiliated but redeemed through Christ's precious blood. Currently trying to serve the Kingdom - failing miserably.

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Not so Biblical brotherhood?

My dear Patient,

I’ve been sitting here observing your every move. I’ve been waiting for you to do something but you will not. I must admit, my host, that you are starting to amaze me. You walk day to day as if you follow the Enemy and yet, you do so many things, no matter how little, that say otherwise. I have noticed your ignorance, these past few weeks and it is this of which I would like to remind you.

Your brother, whom you claim to love, is at the top of the ignorance list. Is it bitterness and hatred that fuels this soreness? Is it anger? Dismay? This area, my friend, is where I spend my time tonight.

Let me remind you of your past. You and your brother had a great relationship as children. I know you remember the time he hit you in the head with a gardening hoe. Normally, such an instance would be a tool of which I would use to further your bitterness, but in this case you laugh about it, which hints that it is not an area where you harbor anger. What, then, is it? Is it the attention that he always received from your parents when he was always getting into trouble?

Let’s move forward several years. Is it all the times he has stolen from you and betrayed your trust? Perhaps that is where your bitterness lies; but yet, you easily brushed those instances out of your mind and have long since forgotten. If it is not his betraying your trust, what is it, my patient? Why do you harbor so much anger and soreness toward him?

Perhaps, my host, it is a combination of many past events and quarrels involving your brother. Perhaps it is the past, just as much as it is the present. My colleagues and I have noticed that you are very judgmental. Perfect. Are you still such a fool that you do not notice that this is where we bring you down the most? It is our handiwork. We invade your mind and make you think you have the right. But who are you to judge, you ask? Your Father, my Enemy, would tell you that He is the ultimate Judge. I tell you now that that is not so. Go on, swing your gavel, you’ll just fall deeper into our hands. Don’t you know that the longer you harbor judgment, the longer you will go without making amends with your brother.

Gavin loves you and yet you still ignore him. He has been asking about you and would only like a phone call and yet you refuse to pick up the phone. What is it, Wyatt? Have my colleagues and I really been that successful? Or do you just not know the reason behind your bitterness?

Do no be fooled, you are exactly where I want you. You are sitting in that coffee shop writing a blog pretending to be a demon and you still harbor as much bitterness as ever. Even though this wonderful topic has been brought to your attention, you will not stop it. Will you? Do you think you can really pick up the phone? Do you have the guts to make amends with your brother even though he is as much to blame as anyone? I think not. I am confident that this subject will only come up in the future. I look forward to that day; until then, I’ll keep lying to you by telling you how you shouldn’t restore a love in your heart for your brother. It was all his fault, Wyatt. You are perfectly right in your bitterness…

Press on, my patient…

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Dear Patient…

Just to clarify, the inspiration behind this blog is from C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.  It is a weird style, but I love the creativity behind Lewis’ work.  The following is just my own rendition of what a demon (Screwtape, if you will) would be writing to me…  

My dear Patient,

You know me all too well and an introduction would seem like deja vu, as you have known me since the day you engaged in that lie of faith and salvation.  I was very much present before that day, we’ll call it Awareness Day, you just didn’t know I was there.

You see, I really only attack people who have turned away from me, even if they don’t know they’ve turned from anything.  The day the Enemy brought you over to his side, you realized that you now have a target on your back that reads, “Tempt Me.”  Since that day, you have become aware of the fact that there was something controlling your past life, the life before Awareness Day (hence the name).

I must say, my dear Patient, that I am not worried.  You claim the name of your so called “God” and you so ardently stand up for your “Savior, Jesus Christ” that is all very admirable, but I’ve got you in my sights.  I work in your heart little by little.  You may have already realized how powerful I truly am.  Although I’m never going to be as strong as the Enemy (your God), I will always be on your shoulder whispering in your ear, “Do it, Wyatt… it’ll make you happy.  Go on, skip class.  Go on, skip campaigners.”  You can’t get rid of me, Wyatt.  I’m always here - sometimes you ask for me, sometimes you don’t.  

Now, why do I tell you that I am less powerful than the Enemy and yet I do not worry?  Because I know you.  I know that you are fallen and were born under my sweet bondage.  You know in your heart that your God is sovereign and faithful, but you so often come running back to me for pleasure and comfort.  That is why I continue to tell you lies.  I lie when I tell you that you will be happy.  You may be happy for that hour or for those few minutes in which you are sinning, but it won’t last.  Even I, a demon, know that you only get pure joy from seeking out Jesus - but the fact that you don’t know that, or at least so easily forget, makes my work such a success.  

I’ll be with you while you sleep and when you wake.  I’m always here.  Do you have the strength to run to your Heavenly Father?  

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These bikers are making me mad. I’m just trying to get to Cool Beans.

Another Mesa Arch sunrise.

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